Database/SQL talk for Denver Gophers. Drivers and code examples are on the [package page](

### Recommended Drivers

* [Postgres](
* [SQLite3](
* [MySQL](


Import syntax, the empty `_` import

Building the connection string

Knowing the parameterization scheme

`Exec` versus `Query`

Scanning into pointers

Closing rows

The scanner interface

Cross-platform issues

Talk `struct` with the database!


### Zero-initialization

Default `INSERT` values and dealing with `NULL` values with pointers or Null types.

### Closing rows and duplicate connections with :memory:

The case of the disappearing table.

### Scanning into an interface

Strings are scanned as `[]byte`, resulting in unexpected `json` output.

### No interface for connections and transactions

Build one to test instances requiring a connection


A list of popular projects

* [sqlx]( - provides a super-set of the `database/sql` library
* [Goose]( - database migrations
* [Go Relational Persistence]( - talk `struct` with the database
* [GORM]( - talk `struct` with the database

And my own: [Aspect]( - cross-dialect query construction, schema declarations, and talking a variety of types with the database (including structs and slices)

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