Dead Project
I wrote this early on before go dependency management had evolved much as a way that worked with our workflow, but is no longer used.  

Go dependency resolution

Dependency resolver, ensure all unique repo's are updated, with support for specific branches/tags etc.   


* Different src control, and on-disk paths.   These versions could be forks of ones on github/launchpad from different users, but retain same path on disk so go imports are the same.
* "frozen" at a known version/hash
* use different branches from master/default

This is a command line tool that reads a yaml file that lists dependencies and ensures those exist.  

Usage (yaml dependency file) that is placed in a single location, we use these inside our bin/main's by creating *.depr.yaml*::
    # simple, ensure package exists and is updated
    - src:

    # Use a repository that differs on disk vs github
    # for usage when you have forked a repository
    - as:

    # source location, seperate package and branch
    - as:
      branch: newsearch

    # specific version
    - as:
      hash:  d364f0fbe86

    # specific version
    - src:

    # specific branch
    - src:

    depr  # run looking for *.depr.yaml* in current folder

    depr --config  ./path/to/.depr.yaml

    depr --no-clean   # allow un-clean non-commited changes in depencies

Dependencies of the dependency resolver::

* These will need to be acquired using `go get` or using GoDeps because 'yo dawg...'

* Assuming you have godeps installed but are using depr: `godep restore`

some other go packages for dependency

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