# prison-break

This is the code that ran the prison escape room in London, Ontario. The client was done by and the server was done by me.

# Historic Old Courthouse - Prison Escape
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The rules are simple: Your team (6-8 players) go into the prison and the cell doors close behind you. Once inside, you'll have 45 minutes to master a series of puzzles, riddles and mysteries to complete your escape. The pressure is on as the clock ticks away. All you’ll need to get out is your wits and teamwork. There are clues and riddles hidden deep within the prison, so you’ll need the concentrated effort of the whole team to find them all. Communicate, cooperate and coordinate your search and you’ll be out before the time’s up, or else...
The old courthouse prison is a lifeless and dark place which many claim is haunted by the many prisoners executed over the past 150 years. You and your team have been kidnapped by two serial killers who have repurposed the prison into their own sadistic torture chamber. You have 45 minutes to escape your captures and save your life. Be careful! Time is limited, and that leaves no room for mistakes. Team-work and genuisity are the clues for success!

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