#Land of Avatars
Welcome in the land of avatars!

This project aims to create a powerful roleplay ("play by post") platform. The platform is written in Go and is currently in heavy development.

To build the code you need Go 1.4 or above. Just clone the repository and build it with "go build".

In order to run LOA you need a RethinkDB instance running. Open the RethinkDB Administration console in your browser and add a new database. In the new database create four tables: users, campaigns, avatars and messages.

When the database is ready run the program by issuing the command:

> loa -server "hostname or IP address" -port NUMBER -database "database name"

and that's it. You need to specify the parameters to connect to the RethinkDB instance only the first time: LOA will remember them for you. If you want to change them just edit "loa.conf" in the same directory as the executable file (it's plain JSON).

Have fun! ;)

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