Package action implements atomic pipeline execution of actions. A pipeline is a set of actions that must be executed atomically: either all occur, or nothing occur.

The pipeline executor has two possible phases: forward and backward. Whenever a caller invoke the Execute method, the pipeline starts the forward phase. If any action fail, then the executor enter in the backward phase and rolls back all completed actions in that pipeline.

Each action contains two functions, matching the two executor phases: Forward and Backward.

A pipeline is composed of a list of actions. For each action execution, the executor will provide two possible contexts, based on the current phase of the executor:

* in forward phase, the Forward function will receive a FWContext, that
contains a list of parameters passed to executor in the Execute() call and
the the result of the previous action (which will be nil for the first action
in the pipeline);

* in backward phase, the Backward function will receive a BWContext, that
also contains the list of parameters given to the executor, but instead of
the previous result, it receives the result of the forward phase of the
current action.

Besides the Context, the Backward function will also receive the result of the Forward call.

For more details, check the documentation of the Execute method in the Pipeline type.

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