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the gate keeper (authentication and authorization)

## responsability
takes care of the oauth2 flow with the provider, and manipulates the tokens and the users

## setup
heimdall use the `` script to install the necessary tools on the CI environment, and deploy the result to `elastic beanstalk`.

you must set the following variables on the CI environment in order to have a sucessfull deploy:

RELEASE_CONFIG_FILE= # this variable contains the fullpath of the config.json file used in production
AWS_DEFAULT_REGION= # region of the beanstalk
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = # access id

once you have this variables configured, you must configure the deploy as a `custom script` and execute:


this will download the `aws cli` binary, generate the .zip file that will be put on an S3 bucket, and trigger the deploy on `beanstalk`.

The `` contains the information regarding your `beanstalk` application and environment. The beanstalk environment must have the following variables so the application run properly:

CONFIG_PATH= # path of the config.json
MARTINI_ENV= # production if you are configuring the prod environment

If you configure the previous step properly, you will endup with a fully functional CI/CD.

### powered by
use martini as a web framework and is the father of [heimdall-son]( as the middleware to auth

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