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What does this do?

Where Are They Flying To (WATFT) produces a heatmap showing the destinations that the aircraft flying above your house are heading for. If you've ever looked up at a plane and thought, "I wonder where they're flying to?" then WATFT is for you.

How does it work?

WATFT reads data from a TCP stream in SBS format (eg from a machine running dump1090), processes it and writes it to a database file. WATFT can read this database and produce a heatmap showing the destinations of the aircraft it has plotted.

How to use it

If you want to run WATFT on linux on either an x64 (eg Intel/AMD) or arm (eg Raspberry Pi) then all you need to do is download the relevant binary file from the [Latest Release](

If you want to run WATFT on another system then you'll need to download or clone this repo, then you'll need to have [go]( installed then run the following to install the dependencies and build:
go get -t -v ./...
go build

@todo - running

Set the value of the environment variable WATFT_SERVER to the address and port of the machine that is dumping out the SBS data, eg
`export WATFT_SERVER=`

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