# go-martini-facebook
Boilerplate API server for applications authenticating via Facebook.
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## Motivation
To create simple boilerplate code for building a golang/martini API using Facebook for authentication.

## Basic flow
- User connects to your app (e.g. SPA or mobile)
- You get an access token from Facebook via the standard [OAuth flow](
- That token is then passed to subsequent requests to YOUR API (e.g. `Authorization: {MY_TOKEN}`).
- The server then stores a corresponding user record (see `models/user.go`).

## Usage
- Clone the repository
- Add database/Facebook app configuration using environment vars (see ``)
- Install dependencies using [godep](
- run the server `go run server.go`
- Try it out `curl -H 'Authorization: MY_TOKEN' http://localhost:3000`

## Built with:
- [go-martini/martini](
- [huandu/facebook](
- [go-gorp/gorp](
- other great stuff.

There's also a bunch of other cruft for receiving/rendering JSON - feel free to add/remove as required!

## TODO:
Make it better; right now everything is bunch up, would be nice to add some modularity - I'm a n00b Gopher so could use all the help I can get!

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