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If you have a CI/CD setup, it is really important to keep a central display and follow the builds and process going on the CI tool. This project aims to be the dashboard that will allow you to do present better results at a central display with `buildbot`.

## Download [![Build Status](](
The project has some precompiled binaries, if your enviroment match one of the releases above, this is the most simple way to use this project.

| OS                                                                                                                | Arch   | Size | SHA1 Binary                              |
| ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ------ | ---- | ---------------------------------------- |
| [FreeBSD]( 	| 64-bit | 6,5MB | 7f9ef1050672e45c9d8a723bd7cb11df7a0a3aa4 |
| [OSX](         	| 64-bit | 6,5MB | a92753b1c04ab63caaba79cd4c74555068695fa1 |
| [Linux](     	| 64-bit | 6,5MB | b55321cff1010b038eeb507ac6f024d97d891663 |

## Running
`buildbot` is the only required flag, you must provide the base url of the running builbot.
$ ./buildbot_dashboard -h
-buildbot string
	buildbot url eg.
-filter string
	regex applied over the builder name
-invalidate int
	cache invalidate in seconds (default and min 5 minutes) (default 10)
-refresh int
	refresh rate in seconds (default and min 20 seconds) (default 20)

How to use with [runit](

## Manual Build
As this project is built in `go` you can build it in multiple platforms with:
$ go get -d
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make
This will fetch the code and generate the assets as binary, then you can `go install` or `go build`, and then run:
$ buildbot-dashboard --buildbot=""
If you have `$GOPATH/bin` at your `$PATH` then you can run from everywhere the command.

You can also run with the `go run` with:
$ go run *.go -builbot=""

## Features
- Non-reload monitoring
- Enhanced UI with better visualization of the builders
- Easy usage with single command
- `Filter` options allow you to just show what matters
- Save arrangement of the dashboard
- `Zoom compliant` layout

## Preview
![Apache Board](/preview/preview_apache.gif?raw=true "Apache Board")

As we use gridster and a structured style, if your buildbot has a lot of builders, you can take advantage of the `browser zoom` to reduce the size of the blocks and so, use more space to move your grid.

![Apache Board Small](/preview/preview_apache_small.gif?raw=true "Apache Board Small")

## Martini
As this project is build over `martini` please consider setting this `env variables` when deploy:
export PORT=3000
export MARTINI_ENV=production

## Clean Cache
By default the project will cache the builders to avoid the delay of reloading it everytime. If you insert a new builder or remove one, you can force the reload of the cache in the UI, there is [a button on left side]( This button will force the builders to be reloaded and the localStorage will also be cleaned.

## File limits
If you have a lot of builders on your buildbot and a filesystem with small limit of files, you may run into `too many open files` problem. As we want to keep the system as fast as possible on feedback a building process, we spam the routines to fetch the information from each builder all at the same time. The dashboard will not crash, `but it will be delays on presenting the state`. Please keep a look at logs for this problem, and if start to happen it is recommended to increase the file limit on your system (`ulimit`).


Thanks to [nbari]( and [paw]( for helping and supporting open source.


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