## assets
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assets is a simple + lightweight Asset Pipeline for Go HTML applications

#### Why
Couldn't find a good one that wasn't a mess or didn't rely on some other language to compress the assets.

#### What's missing
Currently this library doesn't compress the combined files, when using Gzip it's not that big of a deal, however 
once an established js and css compressor is created it can be added seamlessly; **pull requests are welcome to help**

#### Installation
Use go get
go get

or to update

go get -u

Then import assets package into your code.

import ""

#### Command Line Use
assets -h

Usage of assets:
  -i string
    	Asset directory to bundle files for recursivly.
  -ignore string
    	Regexp for files/dirs we should ignore i.e. \.gitignore.
  -ld string
    	The Left Delimiter for file includes
  -o string
    	Output directory, if blank will use -i option DIR.
  -rd string
    	The Right Delimiter for file includes
    	Specifies if the files included should be treated as relative to the directory, or relative to the files from which they are included. (default true)

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