# greyhound

A PHP development server written in my own time outside of work because apparently I'm a masochist (also because I wanted to do something interesting with Go).

## Installation/usage

First make sure you have [Go set up and GOPATH defined, etc]( Then:

    go get -u
    cd /var/vhosts/mysite
    # Serve current directory on port 3000 with a timeout of 5s (these are the defaults)
    greyhound -d . -p 3000 -t 5s

It shows you the errors as if you were using Rails or Sinatra - i.e. it doesn't render the page and just shows you the error. Due to needing to listen on php's STDERR for errors, PhpHandler can only handle one request at a time. For performance the CLI tool will serve non-php files without using PhpHandler.

Sometimes you have to work with poor quality software, so there's an option to ignore errors (it takes the whole error string and checks if your argument to -i is in it):

    # Ignore errors from some badly-written WordPress plugins (almost a tortology)
    greyhound -i /wp-content/plugins/badplugin/ -i /wp-content/plugins/reallybadplugin/

## Hacking



## License

MIT (see LICENSE.txt)

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