This proof-of-concept repo is just here to start a discussion about swagger support for httprouter (and others) based on the swagger support in go-restful/swagger.

In the near future I'd like to create a new repo, forked from go-restful, and stripped back to provide swagger support for other routers.


 1. [go-restful]( has support for self-documenting APIs, with [Swagger]( support out of the box. You can even grab a copy of [swagger-ui]( and tell go-restful to serve it. go-restful encourages you to add documentation at the point where you set up routes, which makes for up-to-date documentation. It uses fluent interfaces, which is nice but I don't know if it's 'idiomatic'.
 2. [httprouter]( is a high-performance router, which doesnt currently have swagger support. This is true of most of the routers represented in [this benchmark](, so it might be nice to make swagger functionality available to each of these frameworks.
 3. There are some other go-based swagger offerings, but I got the best mileage from go-restful. Please let me know of any others.

Swugger is a quick and dirty way to show how you might add swagger support to httprouter.

 * AFAIK the only way to 'borrow' go-restful's swagger code, is to set up & document 'dummy' routes based on equivalent httprouter routes. 
 * AFAIK the only way to record routing information in httprouter, is to wrap routing requests inside a 'proxy' function.

So, I just made a package 'swugger' to apply these workarounds and use them in an example.


	go get

Running the example


This runs a service on localhost:8080. 

You can browse to http://localhost:8080/doc/apidocs.json and see the main swagger representation. You can then append /hello to list the methods in the example service itself.

Running swagger-ui

(Approximately, depending on where your gopath is:

	git clone

Now run the example again such that it will pick up swagger-ui:

	cd swagger-ui

Now browse to http://localhost:8080/doc/apidocs/ and put /doc/apidocs.json into the text box, & hit 'Explore'. 
You can then expand the list of operations & invoke them accordingly.

Next steps
I'll go ahead and start modifying a fork of go-restful/swagger, to do the same thing but without actually setting up dummy routes. I'll also make it more concise than this.

First I'll start a discussion with the creators of both projects, and go from there. 

You can use this if you like, but it's not recommended for production use. Cheers.

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