# Gorilla Session Arangodb

This small library will allow you to use arango db to store user sessions in a document collection.

First create the collection that you want to store the sessions in. You can use arangosh to do this:

    db._create( 'sessions', {
        //You don't need this. Actually, make this false if you want sessions to persist across database restarts
        "isVolatile": true,

        //AllowUserKeys can be false too. This library lets arangodb to decide session keys right now by using the autogenerated _key
        //attribute. In the future maybe I'll add an option to allow creation from the library side
        "allowUserKeys": true 
    }, 'document' )

Now in go code you can save sessions like so:

    store, err := NewArangoDbStore(&ArangoDbOptions{
        CollectionName: "sessions", //the name of the collection from above
        Host: "http://localhost:8529", //where to connect to
        DatabaseName: "_system", //the database to use
        User: "root", //user to connect as
        Password: "",
    }, []byte("secret-encryption-key-thingy"))

    func (f HandlerFunc) ServeHTTP(w ResponseWriter, request *Request) {
        session, err := store.Get( request, "GO_SESS_ID" )
        // Set some session values.
        session.Values["foo"] = "bar"
        session.Values[42] = 43

        session.Save( r, w )
        store.Save( r, w, session )

The session data will be stored in the collection under the "session-data" key. Sorry, no way for me to switch that key name on the fly right now.

This library also currently relies on another library I'm writing ``. It's a REST API for arangodb written in go.
Maybe in the future I will remove this dependency and only use the http package.

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