Package ibe implements identity-based encryption.

This package defines interfaces for identity-based-encryption (IBE) and provides specific implementations of those interfaces. The idea was first proposed in 1984 by Adi Shamir in "Identity-Based Cryptosystems And Signature Schemes" ( and a construction based on the Bilinear Diffie-Hellman problem was described in "Identity-Based Encryption from the Weil Paring" by Dan Boneh and Matthew Franklin (

As described in the those papers, an IBE scheme consists of four operations:

(1) Setup: Which generates global system parameters and a master key.

(2) Extract: Uses the master key and global system parameters to generate the private key corresponding to an arbitrary identity string.

(3) Encrypt: Uses the global system parameters to encrypt messages for a particular identity.

(4) Decrypt: Uses the private key (and global system parameters) to decrypt messages. To be clear, the private key here is for the identity (sometimes refered to as the "identity key" in literature) and not the master secret.

This package defines 3 interfaces: one for Extract, one for Encrypt and one for Decrypt and provides Setup function implementations for different IBE systems (at the time of this writing, only for the Boneh-Boyen scheme).

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