Package xmlpath implements a strict subset of the XPath specification for the Go language.

The XPath specification is available at:

Path expressions supported by this package are in the following format, with all components being optional:


At the moment, xmlpath is compatible with the XPath specification to the following extent:

- All axes are supported ("child", "following-sibling", etc)
- All abbreviated forms are supported (".", "//", etc)
- All node types except for namespace are supported
- Predicates are restricted to [N], [path], and [path=literal] forms
- Only a single predicate is supported per path step
- Richer expressions and namespaces are not supported

For example, assuming the following document:

  <!-- Great book. -->
  <book id="b0836217462" available="true">
    <title lang="en">Being a Dog Is a Full-Time Job</title>
    <quote>I'd dog paddle the deepest ocean.</quote>
    <author id="CMS">
      <?echo "go rocks"?>
      <name>Charles M Schulz</name>
    <character id="PP">
      <name>Peppermint Patty</name>
      <qualification>bold, brash and tomboyish</qualification>
    <character id="Snoopy">
      <qualification>extroverted beagle</qualification>

The following examples are valid path expressions, and the first match has the indicated value:

/library/book/isbn                               =>  "0836217462"
library/*/isbn                                   =>  "0836217462"
/library/book/../book/./isbn                     =>  "0836217462"
/library/book/character[2]/name                  =>  "Snoopy"
/library/book/character[born='1950-10-04']/name  =>  "Snoopy"
/library/book//node()[@id='PP']/name             =>  "Peppermint Patty"
//book[author/@id='CMS']/title                   =>  "Being a Dog Is a Full-Time Job"},
/library/book/preceding::comment()               =>  " Great book. "

To run an expression, compile it, and then apply the compiled path to any number of context nodes, from one or more parsed xml documents:

path := xmlpath.MustCompile("/library/book/isbn")
root, err := xmlpath.Parse(file)
if err != nil {
if value, ok := path.String(root); ok {
        fmt.Println("Found:", value)

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